The Shroud

50” x 42” April 2007, Bay St. Louis and Fredericton
With a little imagination, one can discern a face - perfect eyebrows, eyes, triangular cheeks and teeth. Are those bleached out earlobes at the sides? Is this the awful face of Hurricane Katrina?

The ‘face’ was the sleeve of a prom dress that was part of my beach-buried fabric. The background fabric that illuminates the “face” is new.

This quilt is my gift to my husband, David. He has gone above and beyond with his support, encouragement and patience during these fifteen months or so of my passionate obsession making these quilts.

This ‘shroud’ was his particular favorite. Often he would ask me “when are you going to make something with the ‘face’?”

It finally happened.  Fredericton NB 12 April 2007. Machine quilted with Pfaff Grand Quilter in Inspira frame.